Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The LG CG225 - It's Out - For Cheap!

Well, Tracfone may not have this phone on its website yet, but thanks to The_Sweeper I found out that it's on Wal-Mart's site...and comes with a double-minute-for-life card while still retaining the $80 price tag! So if you're thinking of getting a double minute card anyway, the CG225 is just as inexpensive as the Motorola c261...$30!

Now whether this flip cameraphone is better than the bar-phone c261 is another matter, but I'll review it sooner or later. But the big deal is now you have a cheap choice of multiple cameraphones on Tracfone, and choice on prepaid is always a good thing.

EDIT: Yes, you do have to buy the bundle...the phone isn't $30 alone.


Anonymous said...

so the phone by its self cost 30 or do you have to buy it with the double card?

AKmaro1 said...

Thank's for the update, this is the phone my GF has had her eye on. We're still debating over if we should go with GSM or stay with the CDMA Tracfone's we've had all along. But this does sweeten the pot!

Anonymous said...

thanks! I was actually going to get the Motorola W370 tracfone at Kmart this weekend..or Walmart as they will price match the sale price. Do you know if this is available in store or only online?

Do you think this is better then the w370??

Chris said...

IT all really depends on what you want in a phone. Check out this link from the forum to read more:

Turk said...

I think its only an online special right now, I dont think the LG 225 phone is out yet in stores, I havent seen it anywhere so far.....Walmart stores dont match prices on their own websites (at least all my Walmarts dont, but you can still ask them)...good luck!

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AKmaro1 said...

I just checked and Tracfone has this up for sale on their website, it's got the same deal as Walmart's bundle $80. But with Tracfone you have their 30 day money back offer as well. I don't know if it'll show up on everyones zip code, but it shows up on ours.