Sunday, August 12, 2007

Target: $50 for $40

Akmaro1 just dropped the tip that Target is selling all sorts of $50 airtime cards for $40 this week...20% off face value! So with stacking and such (two $50 cards) it'll net you eight cents a minute or better with T-Mobile, or give you a double minute card for $40 with Tracfone, among other things. Sweet!

By the way, Wednesday I begin my two-day car journey with family up to Golden, Colorado. Because I gotta be there Friday for some stuff...and Tuesday school starts at Colorado School of Mines. Wish me luck\pray for me etc. :)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! A university is a lot different than high school -- no truant officers, no reminders of upcoming due dates, living in a dorm with roommates, etc. Keep your head on straight and you will do fine! I also hope you will have the facilities to continue the blog and chat board (computer lab facilities vary widely between universities).