Thursday, September 21, 2006

Treacfone New Stuff...Phone and Activation Step

Well, Tracfone has just updated their phone lineup for GSM, as far as promos, and now they're taking more drastic measures...

In the activation process you can now port your number from an old Tracfone. Sweet. One less call to customer service for people who want a newer phone but not a new number. Of course, this will result in any referral program stuff being void, but hey, is your old number worth $12? If so, this is great.

And now for even bigger news since...wel...the introduction of the motorola c261. Maybe even bigger...

You see, Tracfone just put the LG 3280 on their website as coming soon. So what?It's LG, that's what! Tracfone, for the past four or so years, maybe more, has only carried nokia and Motorola phones. And now CDMA users have a fairly capable flip phone, which is a pretty big deal since the last CDMA flip was the Motorola v60, which has been out of stock around a year.

Not to say that the LG 3280 is anything extraordinarily new or advanced. It's just a no-caller-ID-screen, color, grey flip phone with a speakerphone. Basically the same as the LG 3200 that Verizon has had for about two years now. But hey, it's a color flip phone and will likely be cheap on Tracfone so I'm not complaining.

I'll likely get this phone sometime soon, as I want to get a CDMA Tracfone for myself. When I do get it I'll review it.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the Lucky Goldstar (LG) phone is a good one. The Motorola V60 is a very good phone -- small, light, with good voice quality and it has a port to hook up an antenna (improves reception out in the boonies). Somehow, Tracfone even added a feature after I had it for a while -- remote airtime refill, no more going to the website to renew the service on it (I hope the LG phone has THAT).