Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tracfone Refer-a-Friend...GONE!?!

From Tracfone's website:

Thank you for your interest in TRACFONE Refer-A-Friend! At this time, we are making improvements to the program, and new enrollments and referrals are not being accepted. However, if you recently visited this page and then referred someone to TRACFONE through this program, and he or she becomes a new TRACFONE subscriber by following the steps in the program and no later than October 15, 2006, you will each still receive the benefits. Please refer below to the terms and conditions if you have questions about the TRACFONE Refer-A-Friend program.

We are working to build a new and improved Refer-A-Friend program, with better tools to service you and your friends.

Thanks again for your support of TRACFONE - customers like you are so important to helping us grow, and we're committed to providing a great Refer-A-Friend program to reward you for sharing the TRACFONE story with your friends and contacts.

TRACFONE Wireless, Inc.

Need I say any more?


Anonymous said...

...and there go the ESN minutes that ebay power sellers love to sell...

Anonymous said...

I had an experience that may tell what is to come with refer a friend. When I attempted to use my link, I received a notice that it was expired (it was not). When I call to use it, they refuse to extend me 60 days, saying that it was not in the rules of the program, that they only had to give me 60 days from today. This resulted in no additional days on one phone and only one month on the other. Also, they refused my bonus code for an extra 60 mins. Before they stopped the program, the code worked (180 mins instead of 120) and I got the additional two months. I e-mailed higher-ups, they said my phone expired three months earlier than the date on the phone. They refused to comment on the reason on the newly activated phone. I either got some bad time on eBay (and that ticked them off) or they changed the program and refused to fully honor the old one for me. Either way, both the rep and the supervisor (I asked to speak with one) were very rude as well as not honest about the program. If any other phones worked in as wide of an area and were (usually) as easy to use, I would consider switching providers (but unfortunately, they aren't).