Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tracfone Specials Change

After a month or so of having some (Nokia 2600) or other (Moto c155) refurb phone available for $20 with an unbelievable two 60-minute cards included, Tracfone has finally sold out of all its extra stock of these phones (apparently) and is just selling off the refurb Moto v170s with 1-year cards. Not such a great deal. But hey, I have four unactivated phones of different sorts (3 Motos, one Nokia) and a few 60-minute cards so don't worry; you can still buy minutes from me though Tracfone's prices have gone up comparatively.

Also, Refer-A-Friend isn't shown on the homepage of Tracfone anymore, but it still works. See my post about it to get the link to it.

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