Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tracfone...Where's The Refer-a-Friend?!?

I was just looking on Tracfone's wensote tonight to activate yet another phone, and I discovered to my horror that the refer-a-friend link was no longer there! Wierd.

No matter though. Probably just a site redesign. You can get at a refer-a-friend page here:

Just as a teaser for the upcoming Motorola c155 review, this phone would be great if it weren't for two big flaws: styling and, more importantly, reception. More on that when I can write about it is it's past my bedtime already :)

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Anonymous said...

I can verify that Refer-A-Friend is alive and well. As for the Motorola C155, I just bought one, it is a nice phone, good sound quality and easy enough to use, but it does register lower signal levels (usually) than my Nokia 1100, both Tracfones. The minutes I will get from buying it are very nice, though.