Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sprint Shoots Themselves In The Boost Foot

In a move to complete the "poisoning" of Boost Mobile to up "subscriber quality" on Sprint\Nextel's cramped iDEN network, Boost just did a hop, skip and a jump BACKWARD as far as their "Premium Plan" goes. My only question is whether existing Boost users will get grandfathered in with their older Premium Plans, or not...if not then that simply...well...blows. I for one am going to put my Boost phone and service up for sale here if Boost does anything else stupid, like raising the Walkie Talkie rate back up to $1.50 a day, which may happen seeing the lowest tier of "Premium Plan". Take a look at the quick rundown of the new monthly plans:

$30 - NO MINUTES (10 cents each extra, same as other plans), Unlimited Walkie Talkie ('d be $30 a month anyway!)
$50 - 400 minutes, Unlimited Walkie Talkie (nights and weekends are GONE from this plan, and aren't present on either of the other two plans!)
$70 - 600 minutes, Unlimited Walkie Talkie (and did I mention that web and text are also gone from being uncluded?)

Yes, web, nights, weekends and text are all no longer included unlimited with the "Premium" plans. Time to start the snoring. But you can get web and text back...for an extra $10 a month! Which is about what normal users pay per month for web, and I wouldn't even factor in text because it's free to receive and unreliable\slow to send. And MMS ain't available unlimited anywhere.

As my friends at school would say, "Go Home Satan!" Perhaps this is being a little harsh, as this debacle has provided me with some juicy blogging material, but I'm thinking SPrint is going to experience a net loss company-wide this coming quarter, especially if they

a) Make plans on Boost even worse, which they probably will do
b) Don't grandfather in the older Boost Premium Plan users
c) Both of the above

*Plays taps for Sprint as its gradual shrinkage to nothing is forseen*


J/R Rogers said...

Sprint is just trying to slowly (or fast in some matters) kill Boost and dump them off the Nextel network it seems. Everything is downhill from here.

J/R Rogers said...

I forgot to mention that if Boost is going to have a "chirp" plan for $30/mo., they are likely going to raise there daily chirp rate.