Thursday, September 07, 2006

Amp'd Has Got It Right

Just as a pre-note, can get you $15 off Amp'd phones, plus it talks about 1000 free minutes if you put in the coupon code "KFREE" at That's why their site is hotlinked in this post's title.

So what's so great that Amp'd has been doing lately? Well, adding hybrid plans of course. Now you can, if you pay prepaid price for your phone ($100 for the Kyocera Jet or Angel after a $100 mailin rebate or $150 for the Motorola Hollywood after the same) you can get a pretty darn good deal on minutes (500 for $30 a month for example) without a contract. That's nice. And that's about it, but for the sweet thing that normal prepaid might have going on. And by the way I'd get this if my zip code were allowed by their site :(

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