Monday, September 04, 2006

Phones For Sale

OK. So I have too many phone. Way too many phones. And I want to get rid of them. And they're worth something. So...

All phones come with the battery and charger. All prices reflect shipped price. All GSM phones are unlocked. Don't assume they come with anything else unless I say so specifically. Phones are generally in good, though not brand-new, condition. On phones tied to a particular service, service will be inactive on the phones. Email me if you want to negotiate; I have the right to say no though. And now, without further ado:

Nokia 3120, 3595 or 6010 (Cingular, AT&T and T-Mobile branding, respectively, GSM) - $30
Siemens a56 w\MovilListo SIM (not sure if it's active; take it anyway, GSM) - $20
LG 225 (STi Mobile, CDMA on Sprint) w\case, data cable - $50

More phones will be coming. I'm also thinking seriously about selling my T-Mobile To Go Gold Rewards SIM.

And yes, I'll eventually get back to talking about normal cell phone stuff, like the Motorola c155. But not quite yet; I have to call Tracfone and transfer some code minutes and do a few other things first.

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