Thursday, September 07, 2006

Boost - New Phones, Higher Prices

Well, I just checked Boost Mobile's website. They've updated their lineup of phones...sort of. Everything's actually the same really. Just different colors and maybe higher prices.

For starters, there are two new versions of the i835, the i835w and the i835g. W stands for white. G stands I think. But anyway they're there and...wonder of wonders...they don't cost any more than the normal i835! But it seems to me that, with everyone else selling some color flip phone with caller ID on the outside for a good bit less than $100...that Boost is doing the exact right thing if they want to keep custoemrs away! I mean gosh, $130 is too much for a plain old color flip, even if it's the thinnest iDEN phone available. Heck, you can get a black, unlocked Razr for $40 more!

For finishers (pardon the awkward phrase) is the "new" i455, which is no more than an i450 with enough black on it to make the part that didn't change color look absolutely ridiculous! No kidding...take a look yourself:

If the main part of the front was also black things would be nice and cool and I'd even think about upgrading my phone via trading it or something like that. But noooooo...

Oh, and did I mention that it's $10 more than the i450? And that the i450 is no longer for sale at Boost's website? That stinks...

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