Saturday, February 09, 2008

Virgin Mobile Phones: The New and The Discounted

And now for the grand finale: Virgin Mobile. Smaller news first...

1. Target now has the regular (as opposed to the new red version) Kyocera Cyclops available for a mere $40. Online, it's here: To which I say "that's about what the phone is worth", despite the 1.3-megapixel camera and other advanced features found on it. My two beefs about the phone: build quality and battery life. But anyway, the Cyclops jst got 20% cheaper if you're buying from Target.

2. Don't know if I posted this before, but the LG Aloha is now $15 on Virgn Mobile's website, $5 less than the Kyocera Marbl if you buy the latter online, right in line with the Marbl if you get the marbl from Wal-Mart.

In slightly bigger news, Virgin Mobile is back up to three "free" phones: the Kyocera K10 Royale with $9.99 in airtime, the Oystr with $19.99 worth, and the Audiovox 8610 for $24.99 worth. I'd take the Vox over the Kyoceras any day of the week, though none o the "free" phones are spectacular, as is to be expected.

Arguably the biggest news is the (finally) discontinuation of the Kyocera Switch_Back and a $10 drop in price for the Kyocra Wild Card, down to $89.99. However, you no longer get a second month of unlimited text messaging free when you pay for the first month.

Last, but not least...

3. Virgin Mobile now presents the Flare, by LG! AKA the LX165 (or VML165), this little phone was first seen by me as a rather anonymous member of a merchant pricing sheet for various Virgin Mobile phones. At that point the retail price, which often exceeds the price Virgin Mobile charges on its own website for its phones, was $49.99. This phone could certainly be worth that much, but you don't have to pay that much for it. The price: a mere $30.

What's so great about the Flare? First off, it's about the highest-end non-camera-phone out there right now, aside from some Blackberries and PDAs. This isn't saying much, but having dual color displays (something the LX160 on Sprint, which was recently phased out from their website, lacks), Bluetooth capability, Speakerphone, voice dialing and of course web access makes this phone a sweet deal for someone who doesn't need, or want, to take pictures with their cell phone. I would also argue that, despite the low price, that this little beauty is the best-looking Virgin Mobile phone to date, to the point that, style-wise, I'd put this phone on equal footing with the Motorola Razr, w375 (which is good-looking in its own right) or even the Blackberry Pearl. I think I'm gonna have to pick both this phone and the LG Aloha up in the near future. This one is just soooo cool, in contrast to the rather juvenile Cyclops, the outlandish Switch_Back, or even the more subdued WildCard (which in my opinion looks better than the generic M1000 Lingo, which in turn looks etter than the Switch_Back\Strobe that preceeded it).

Want a link to this little wonder? Here it is:

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