Saturday, February 09, 2008

T-Mobile News Bits

In brief, there are some phone deals available on T-Mobile you might not want to pass up.

As to the main selection, the Nokia 2610 is still $30, the Motorola v195 still $40, the Samsung t219 is still $50 and the Samsung Stripe still $90. But right now these phones are all coming with $25 refills...which is a reasonably sweet deal when you think about it, especially if you like the cheap bar-phone-ness that is the Nokia 2610. You effectively get it for $5.

But wait, there's more. Not included are two other phones, one on the low end, one on the high end. They hae promotions of their own. The low end phone is the Nokia 6030, which is a decent unit and is selling rght now for a mere $20. The high end? The gunmetal-grey Razr, for a mere $100. Yes, I know that the Razr has been out for what seems to be forever, but $100 for it is still a nice deal.

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