Saturday, February 09, 2008

Net10 Drops Phone Prices

Thought some Net10 phones cost too much in the past? I'm sure we all agree that yes, there was a distinct price premium of Net10 over Tracfone. That premium has now been mostly erased, courtesy a two-phone price drop. Oh, and did I mention that Net10's phone selection is of better quantity and quality than Tracfones? Well, that too...

The price reduction impacts the Motorola w370 flip and the Motorola w375 camera phone. They are now $49.99 and $59.99, respectively. The LG phone prices haven't moved; the 1500 is still $59.99 and the CG225 (as opposed to the CDMA PM225) is still $89.99. But it sure is nice to see Net10's well-built Motorola-by-Compal phones come down to a reasonable price. the w375 would be in my shopping cart right now, but I don't want Tracfone blacklisting another zipcode on my account.

Though they might have killed this code already; when I was dealing in Tracfones the person I sold\shipped phones to was here in town.

Anyway, Net10's phone deals just got a good bit better with that $20-per-phone-on-two-phones price drop. You might want to have a look, even if they're using America's Most Loaded Network (well, what else would more bars in more places entail? It would also explain the garbled calls that also plague this network).

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