Sunday, February 10, 2008

Phones on Sales at CellGuru

Hotliked in the title is the page. The Cell Guru (who does something similar to what I do here, except in a different way...and has been around longer than I have...and we're sorta friends) is selling off some of his older phones. I want dibs on the Super Slice he's selling off so I can review it, then give it's $30 shipped FYI...but anyway here are the other deals (prices include basic shipping):

Used Nokia 3589i on Page Plus w\case - $25
Nokia Shorty 2116i on Virgin Mobile w\case - $15
Nokia 6101 on T-Mobile (water damage: external screen dead, internal scratched) - $10

Happy buying...these are all decent phones...and let the Cell GUru know who sent you, thanks!

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