Friday, February 01, 2008

Twofers Are Back!

I'll make this quick, as I value my sleep. But Tracfone's "twofer" deas are now back. They're only available in GSM areas and the phone available with the deal is a pink (Valentine's Day) Motorola c139, but hey, $19.99 plus tax (shipping is free) for two 60-minute Tracfone airtime cards, plus a Motorola c139 phone, is a decent deal just for the airtime, as the cards alone are worth $30 minute-wise, $40 expiration-wise if you calculate everything up). Plus, you gotta do something with all those pink c139s sitting around from a few months ago. Certainly not sell them at can get one iwth double minutes included for $15 including tax.

My advice? If you want a c139, grab a double-minute one from WalMart. Then grab a twofer from Tracfone, apply the 240+ minutes to your Wally World c139, give the pink c139 to your uncle, aunt, second cousin, son, daughter or dog and walk away happy that you got a good deal on Tracfone service.

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