Saturday, February 09, 2008

News Flash: GoPhone Deals

The boys at AT&T weren't going to be in this rather long news break, but it looks like they've cranked things up a notch as well. Their prepaid phone selection must now be the largest in the industry. The phones also range higher into the feature-set range than other prepaid carriers' offerings just yet. In all, they have 34 phone choices, spread over 19 phone models, if my counting is right, though this will change by the day as refrished phones are sold off and new phones come in. Here are some highlights:

Nokia 2610 refurb - $10
Samsung a117 refurb - $20
Samsung a437 refurb (camera phone) - $20
Sony Ericsson z310 a refurb (camera phone) - $30
Motorola Razr - $130
Motorola v365 - $140
├čony Walkman 2580i - $180
Nokia 6555 - $175
Nokia N75 - $270
Palm Treo 750 refurb - $270

You saw correctly. The last four phones are high-end beasts on prepaid, courtesy GoPhone's now-available unlimited data plan at $20 per month, last time I checked. These big boys (the the Nokia N75 is pretty darn big) have 3G data connectivity, where you can find it on AT&T's woefully underdeveloped HSDPA network, and yes, AT&T will give you a prepaid PDA phone. Please keep it there, AT&T, so other carriers can take the hint. The phone is cheap, too. I'm betting it can be unlocked relatively easily, as an added bonus. I'd even daresay it beats out the iPhone in certain applications (like those which require a keyboard) at a much lower price, but who cares about that comparison anyway? The iPhone is a name brand, while the Treo...isn't.

Wow, that was some cool GoPhone news, though their voice rates are still astronomical compared with pretty much everyone else's. I thought you're supposed to sell voice cheap and make money off of other features, like text messaging for example...wait...AT&T is already doing the texting thing...

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