Sunday, February 24, 2008

Page Plus Unlimited Just Got Cheaper

In the wake of unlimited plans on the contract side, Page Plus Cellular has toned down the price of their unlimited plan somewhat as well; it is now $2.49 per day. That's about $75 per month, significantly less than what the contract carriers are asking for their plans, however you'd have to use on average 43.6 minutes per day to justify upgrading from the normal plan (with $80 cards) to unlimited. That's slightly over 1300 minutes per month. That's better than the 1570-ish number with the $2.99 daily fee, but before you plunk down for the unlimited calling afforded by the now-cheaper Page Plus plan make sure you actually talk that much.


Anonymous said...

Prepaid Unlimited using Sprints network. Beats the PagePlus deal is the coverage is right for the area you are in.

Anonymous said...

Page Plus uses the Verizon network!

Jibril said...

Visit and they'll re-activate your disconnected sprint phone and many others with the page plus unlimited service.