Friday, September 21, 2007

Boost Unlimited Intro's Cool New Phone\Plan Addon

I'd put this at the other site only, but it is in serious need of a post-mortem inspection.


Boost Mobile has intro'd a new phone and beefed up their more expensive plan. The Motorola w385 is the phone ($130 vs. $100 for the Moto c290) and the $50 plan is the one they beefed up.

About the phone, the $30 price difference is worth every penny. You get everything from a built-in camera to GPS with location based fun to an external display to a slimmer profile. Granted, this probably suffers from some of the same "cheapness" flaws that you could aim at the w370 on Tracfone, but I remember the w370 to be a solid phone overall so no big deal there.

As for the plan, the $5 difference between it and the regular "unlimited talk" plan is that you now get both unlimited text AND multimedia messaging, right in line with the $5 most other unlimited carriers charge for the privelege. Oh, and Sprint's network sends the unlimited carriers crying home to mommie in terms of data capability so far as I've seen...granted, the current boost Unlimited phones are 1x-only and the unlimited carriers have rumors of EvDO rollouts, but Sprint has a nationwide network where on 1x you can get double-dialup speeds. Versus CricKet or MetroPCS whose data services don't work out of their relatively small coverage areas.

But enough blabbing about this point is that Boost intro'd a new unlimited phone and plan, and the world is just a tad better as a result.


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what happened to the LG1500 on the tracfone website? did it just disappear?