Sunday, September 02, 2007

T-Mobile To Go...New Phones!

It has been awhile since T-Mobile To Go intro'd the last round of new phones. But now there's another few phones to choose from, and they're both pretty good:

Nokia 2610 - $39.99 - Nice, small bar phone...I think I'll grab one to review and maybe keep...
Nokia 6103 - $59.99 - Nice camera-toting, Bluetooth-enabled flip phone...a bit older but nice and inexpensive...maybe I'll get it as well...

Also, all phones currently available except the 2610 (namely the 6103, the 6030, the Samsung Stripe and the Sidekick 3) include a $25 refill card when you buy them, so you start off with $40 credit on your phone (versus $15 normally) or, alternatively, you have a phone for $25 less than you thought you did :). Oh, and DealKing and FatWallet both will give you $5 back for using their links to buy the phone.

But yeah, I may have to get one or the other of these phones...I just hope T-Mobile won't be like AT&T and forbid entrance because my address is in a dorm (which still lets you get packages; you just havve to go up to the front desk and ask for them...),

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