Saturday, September 08, 2007

Aloha in Best Buy, Coupon Code

It's too late for a long post, so...

1. The Virgin Mobile LG Aloha was spotted, with no price tag, at Best Buy by Chris from the forum. Though there was no price tag, it's safe to assume it'll be sold for $35 (not $30) like everywhere else says. Now if only they'll get the phone up on the website!

2. Quick promo code for $10 added to your phone, which may or may not work: 7372007. Thanks logan!

EDIT: The_Sweeper picked one up for $34.99.


Anita said...

Aloha is available on the Virgin Mobile website already with free activation and free shipping for $34.99. Saw it same price at Target locally and it's pretty cool....almost exactly the same as my LG AX140 from Alltel U prepaid. Love that phone.

Turk said...

Hey AKmaro1...remember what I posted on the forum about the phone: LG 200c?...well, this is the same 2 phones "Anita" is talking about here.

You better just buy the LG 3280 and get the LG 200c for your "girlfriend"! (lol)

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