Monday, September 03, 2007

Tracfone - New Phones, New Deals!

Well folks, Tracone is getting the show on the road again...first, the deals on existing phones:

1. The Nokia 1100 is back on Tracfone's website...refurbished...for $9.99. Not a great deal but I'll certainly take it over the Motorola c139...

2. ...which is selling for the same "blowout" price at Office Depot. Which is nice...maybe they'll finally get rid of that phone.

3. At CDMA-stocked Family Dollar stores, the LG 3280 is a mere $20. I'd say it's worth every penny of that...

And now for the new stuff!

1. The LG 200C is now available on Tracfone CDMA...for a mere $30! Check your local CDMA-carrying store...try Wal-Mart or maybe elsewhere. Can't wait to get my hands on this one to review...

2. The Kyocera K126C is also out, for $15. Now whether it's worth that much is a very good question, but hey, it's another phone. Check your local Dollar General store if they offer CDMA...I'll bet my 3280 that these'll be available as a "twofer" deal in the near future.

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