Sunday, September 02, 2007

What I've Been Working On

Want to know why I haven't been spending a ton of time on Go4Prepaid recently? One

Seriously, though, there's another reason besides the large mound of homework slowly growing smaller on my dorm room dresser:

Yes, folks, I am their main "content guy" when it comes to the folks powering PrepaidPhone: the folks at PrepaidWireless, and then some. Granted, there are plenty of affiliate links to go around, but from browsing the site I have no problem with 'em and it's really neat to see what amounts to an end-all, be-all site for prepaid phone and service info, if you're looking to compare\look up phones and serices.

The site may seem a tad bare at the moment (or it may not...there's a TON of content on there actually), but I\we (we being myself and the rest of the PrepaidPhone team) are working on adding pretty much continually to the site so it will end up being pretty much the only site you need for prepaid info. Until of course you want to buy something at which point you'll be happily ushered off to an afiliate, whether that's eBay, AT&T or

But anyhow it is already\is going to be a really, really great source for prepaid info so I suggest you stop over there and see what I've been working on :) It's definately worth a visit.

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