Sunday, September 02, 2007

THe iPhone Is Now Unlockable!

Want to use the iPhone on prepaid? No, not GoPhone Pick Your Plan...something better, like T-Mobile To Go or maybe GoPhone Pay As You Go. Or maybe some GSM-based contract plan...

...well, now you can. I'm getting into the business of unlocking one of the most advanced phones in the history of mankind (one of the other ones is my very own Sprint Mogul which I won't give up for the iPhone ;P). Via software so it's less dangerous to do than the hardware unlocks.

I'll be doing the unlocks either via iPhoneSIMFree or UniquePhones, whichever offers me a better deal. The problem being right now that iPhoneSIMFree is going to cost anyone willing to sign up a boatload ($36 per unlock for 50 unlocks, minimum). Hopefully UniquePhones will offer me a better deal.

I'm saying that to say this: if you want to use an iPhone on T-Mobile To Go or whoever else that uses GSM for their network I'll be selling unlocked iPhones on eBay (my ID is littmanc) in relatively short order. Or if you want to just buy the unlock I might be able to do that too, though unnfortunately to recoup the initial layout there'll be a bit of markup there at first.

At any rate, the iPhone is now officially network-free risk-free though you'll be a little more money-free for the privilege. But hey, if you're gonna use the phone on T-Mobile To Go for a lot of WiFi-based apps and not very much talking, you'll make back your outlay versus paying homaage to the AT&T beast...

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