Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Tracfone and Net10 Deals

First off, Tracfone now offers a free Motorola v176, refurbished, with purchase of a 1-year airtime card. Not a huge benefit as it's besically an older, bulkier version of the w370 but it's better than the Motorola v170...which is now offered as part of the "twofer" deal.

Second, Net10 now has an option that actually costs less than 10 cents a minute! Pay $75 a month (though minutes roll over of course) and you get 1000 minutes...which makes for 7.5 cent minutes and 3.75 cent texts wherever you may travel in the U.S. And now with the introduction of the LG 200c and Kyocera K126c, wherever really means wherever.

Third, Net10 has introduced some pretty good deals otherwise. For example, the Nokia 1600, refurbished, comes with a $30 airtime card for a mere $30. geesh, I need to get one of these for review purposes, though I think I'll be getting in some other phones first (possibly the Virgin Mobile Super Slice and some T-Mobile phones).


John said...

nokia 1600 pretty decent little phone, actually looks and feels a bit higer end. Darned good deal in
my opinion with a 30 dollar card.

Turk said...

* I noticed today (9/20/07) that the New Tracfone LG.CG225 has been removed from their website sale page, where you can buy it for $80! (Phone + DML Card)

* I dont know if this is only temporary or for good...just thought I'd post it...thanks.

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