Monday, October 15, 2007

LG 200c, WildCard, Net10 CDMA and more

Sorry I haven't posted much and as it stands this'll be a short post. I'm now running and it's a tough business :). Plus school...

Anyhow, I grabbed the Net10 LG 200c for $60 today (as opposed to Tracfone's $30). Yes, Net10 now has CDMA phones in-store. So you can skip the daily fees of INPulse and get 10 cent minutes on a coverage area that's pretty near rock solid.

I'll be posting a quick review of the 200c up soon, however for now let's just say that it's a downgraded refresh of the LG 3280. It's a very solid phone, however it is missing a few 3280-specific features so you can see why it's priced at $30 instead of $50. But for basic users (Tracfone's audience, remember?) it's a slight bump up from the 3280. Again, I'll be talking more on this later.

About the WildCard, it is out at retail though not at Virgin Mobile's own website. Seems to be a decent phone (for a change considering it is made by Kyocera). I hope to get a hold of one for a quick review as well.

Speaking of Virgin Mobile, woe is the cellular industry; everyone is raising texting rates and it looks like Virgin Mobile is gonna follow suit, with an increase to 10 cents per text effective soon. There will be a 6-cent-per-text bundle pack and a new unlimited $20-a-month messaging pack (cool! reminds me of contract plans!) however I'm really sad to see the carriers nickel-and-diming (or in this case diming, in other cases really nickel-and-diming, in other cases dime-and-diming!) people to death on the occasional text. Someone needs to invent some other means of amazing cellular communication soon so the carriers will make texting chap again and start overcharging for a feature that is a bit less integral to the avid cellular user's daily life!

Though at least those of us\you who are on Tracfone and especially Net10 are safe; no bundles means that Net10 will now be the cheapest per text of anyone, at a mere 5 cents apiece, on Verizon and Cingular no less! Good deal, them thar on-phone airtime decreenters, though I'm sure Tracfone will find an insidious way to trick us out of our cheap texts when the time has come ;).

Well, off to other things now. Just letting everyone kow that I'm alive and at least partly well :). And that I go for prepaid (pun intended) more than ever now...I'm sticking a T-Mobile To Go SIM chip in my newly-unlocked, two-day-old iPhone and using the phone on my college WiFi network for the ultimate in both amazing experience and pay-as-you-go bliss!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The 3280 and 200c seems to have the same features to me.What are you seeing diferant that im not?

Anonymous said...

I just got a LG 200c. Now I'm looking for a car charger for it.
Seems like Wal-Mart sells the phone, but no accessories. Is this a phone thats on it's way out?
New Tracfone User

Turk said...

Anonymous #2: This phone is brand new!...maybe thats why theirs no accessories yet, Im not Walmarts doesnt seem to carry Tracfone accessories even though they sell their phones...maybe you can find a universal car charger for it...good luck friend.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Turk!

Anonymous said...

I just got a car charger from for less than $4.00.
Can't wait for Wal-Mart forever.
New Tracforn User

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm brand new to this, and need to decide between a 200c and a 3280 with TracFone. First you say the 200c is a downgrade from the 3280, then you it's a bump UP from the 3280.

Can you clarify and advise?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just got the lg 200c- It is great phone. I just upgrated from the V 170, and texting costs more on the Lg 200C- .3 units to recieve, and .3 to send. I little different then what I had hoped.

Anonymous said...

The tracfone that I have now, V 170 is a great phone, although after a while, the keys start to stick, and the battery shuts itself off at any time. The screen is not at all like what it is pictured on the website. MUCH SMALLER. The phone is very reliable, but not the one for me.