Saturday, July 28, 2007

Two Phone Reviews...Coming Soon!

Well, thanks to Bill In NC and The Sweeper from the forums, I now have both the Nokia 6030 and the Motorola c168i sitting here on my desk. I'll be reviewing them over the next week so stay tuned for a post here before next week is over, with a full review of each model!

For starters, I noticed that the construction of the Motorola phone actually beats that of the Nokia, but that's probably only because the send\end\softkeys on the Nokia are big blocks of plastic that extend to the phone's edges rather than typical buttons as seen on the more conventional Motorola. I also gotta say that the term "basic phone" has been redefined with these phones...I wouldn't mind carrying one around if I needed to keep my Mogul safe elsewhere, either style-wise or feature-wise...

...though of course I still would use my Mogul as my main phone as these two models...well...they don't run Windows! :)

Let me end with a shameless plug: support this site! Thanks to you two guys who sent me the phones...everyone else can support this site by posting in the forums when there's news that I haven't gotten yet, and clicking on sponsored links in the mean time. And of course if you have a friend that might find this site useful, by all means tell them! Thanks a bunch everyone for helping make this such a great, highly-visited site!

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