Friday, July 06, 2007

Boost Mobile - Chirping Down and Powering Up?

Well, I just checked the Boost Mobile website and they've changed their phone lineup...they've slimmed it down and increased prices! No kidding. The Motorola i885? Gone. i855? $20 more ($120). i455? $10 more ($60). i415? $10 more ($40). Scary, huh? Now the phones on Virgin Mobile are actually fancier feature-wise than the ones on Boost...and cheaper...then again, $300 was a bit steep for the i885. Still, the quiet recession of Boost's iDEN lineup is creepy...sorta like walkie talkie and GPS is falling off the radar.

Then again, on the other end of things, Boost Mobile just added another plan for their Unlimited offering, still only available in California and Texas: Unlimited Texting along with all the other features. The cost? $5 above that of the normal unlimited plan. Interesting...

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The Sweeper said...

Best Buy's web site hasn't raised prices, yet. Oddly, the i855 has been reduced to $100 (was on sale for that same price a couple of weeks ago, down from $149).