Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All That I Ask of You...

Hmm...I want to review some of AT&T's GoPhones, namely the $20 Moto c168i, the 20 Nokia 6030 and the $10 Sony Ericsson J220a. But I simply can't get them in my area...since there are no AT&T towers in my area until all the CellularOne system marges with AT&T (which it will since the latter bought the former about a month ago).

So what I'm asking is, if someone very supportive of this site would send me either of these three phones for a quick review, after which I'd send it back with my sincerest thanks. Again, it's just because I can't get the phones myself that I'm asking.

If anyone's interested, thanks and let me know!

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The Sweeper said...

Check out the forums for information on new TracFones and Virgin Mobile phones!