Friday, July 06, 2007

T-Mobile To Go - $10 is now 90 days!

Yes, it's true: T-Mobile To Go $10 cards now last for 90 days without Gold Rewards (one year with Gold Rewards). Tracfone, watch out...T-Mobile To Go just got a good bit closer to becoming the ultimate glovevbox phone. I mean, you can buy a Razr or get a Nokia 6030 for $25 (after a DealKing rebate) and then just keep your service up for a mere $40 per year...until you get enough money in the account and it's $10. Kinda like dude, whoa. Or you can grab a SIM with $30 in credit on it from eBay for a mere $10 or so.In short, T-Mobile To Go is now cheap per-month from the outset, which rocks real hard.

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