Monday, July 09, 2007

More Page Plus Related Info

First off, yes Verizon's INPulse service lets you do text and picture messaging, albeit at high rates (10 cents apiece for text, 25 cents apiece for pix). Web is also available, at a disgusting (in my opinion) 99 cents a day.

As far as getting a Page Plus phone goes, take a guess at who's your best's Wal-Mart! Go online and select their free ship-to-store service and a week later pick up either the relatively feature-full UTStarCom CDM7075 (Verizon-branded) for $40 or so plus tax or the Motorola Razr v3m for about three times that amount...I'm really tempted to do the latter and have done the former (well...I just bought the phone at the store that had 'em already). As a side note, yes, you're looking for the INPulse versions of these pones. As long as you don't call any permutation of *228 on them, they'll activate on Page Plus just fine.


Church said...

Thanks for answering my questions! I agree that those rates are disgusting. I decided against it and am going to check out the gophone razr instead... Can you give me the rates for txt and pix on that network? Please and thank you.


Chris said...

GoPhones rates are as follows:

Pick your Plan- (pm= per minute)
$30= 200 minutes (.15 pm)
$40= 300 minutes (.133 pm)
$50= 400 minutes (.125 pm)
$70= 650 minutes (.108 pm)

Txt/IM = .15 sent/received
(unless you add a package)

Internet = .01 per kb
(unless you add a package)

Pix = .25 per message
Pay as you go-

.10 per minute-$1 charge on days you use your phone-unlimited mobile to mobile

.25 per minute

Txt/IM = .05 sent/received

Internet = .01 per kb

Pix = .25 per message

The Sweeper said...

Wonder if Virgin Mobile would be better for text/pic messaging (not sure if it's your cup of tea)?

1000 text/pix/IM/e-mail for $9.99, and if you have Sugar Mama, it would basically pay for itself in a month (71 ads viewed times 18 cents equals $12.78)

Ian said...

Actually, picture messages are charged by the amount of data they contain...1 cent per KB unless you have a data package.

For stuff like this it's better to use the Go4Prepaid forum...

Chris said...

On the gophone website it says that they are .25 per picture message. In the brochure you can download, it says they are .01 per kb.

Turk said...

I agree that Verizon pre-paid is very expensive, thats why I said on the forum awhile back that I feel Verizon would love to dump Tracfone and force people to buy their own product.

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