Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tracfone & Net10 Promos

Well nothing muc has changed with Tracfone recently. Except that you can get free shipping on the Motorola w370 by etering promo code 55955 at checkout. Plus the addition of the Nokia 2600 and 1100 to the lineup...or rather re-addition.

However, Net10 has some new deals. Besides their total underselling with the Nokia 1100 (two deals which both work out to 6.67 cents a minute before tax and shipping) and their "free phone" Nokia 1600 (when refurbished, like the Nokia 1100), they now have no fewer than four options for $40 phones, including $30 of airtime:

Nokia 1600 (new)
Motorola v171 (refurbished)
Motorola c139 (new)
Motorola c155 (new)

Then again the Nokia 1600 is the only phone worht having out of the four in my opinion, and it can be had for $10 cheaper refurbished. There's also the Motorola v170 available for (yikes) $80, and the Motorola v176 and c261 available for $90...but that's pretty expensive for a plain ole Tracfone, especially since the c261 is selling on Tracfone for $40.

By the way, the above promotions (besides the c261 and v176) are available on T-Mobile- and Net10 phones. Dobson CellularOne, which was just bought by AT&T, currently has a much more limited lineup: the new Nokia 1600, the new Nokia 2600 ($40, also available on T-Mobile-based plans) and the new Motorola v171 for $80. Hmph.


John said...

The Nokia 1600 is a darned good only beef with
voice tags(my favorite feature of the 2126/shorty).. but its a nice little quality phone with easy to manage buttons etc. Oh and its sort
of modern looking =P

Turk said...

My Walmarts has the Nokia 1600 for $30, which is a great deal! *(posted on the forum)* is pretty much the Tracfone Nokia 2600 just with a different keypad, which really sucks in my opinion, I dont like how the numbers are joined you agree John?

Anyways, good phone , good price, 300 minutes, end of story.

*************** Darth Turk ***************

Turk said...

I also forgot to mention the Net10 c139 is also $30 *(posted on the forum)*...but if I had to choose , I'd take the Nokia 1600 over it...that Moto c139 has been nothing but trouble since it came out.

*************** Turk Lives ***************

John said...

I miss those voice tags on the 1600 Turk!!...but heck for thirty bucks and it comes with thirty bucks of ten cents
a iminute air time free what to heck. :D

or woudl that be the phone is frea and the minutes are thrity bucks. :D

Sam Soong said...

It's a decent phone but...I got a very nice Samsung phone with a slide-out qwerty keyboard and no one knows it’s prepaid. Costs me a big $30 a month for all my stuff

For me, prepaid rules. I did a bit of research and discovered NET10 was the best for my purposes. I don’t use a lot of minutes — maybe 200 or so a month — and I’m not a mad texter or websurfer either, but 10¢ a minute for calls and 3¢ for texts is crazy good. And no fees per day or other bs.