Friday, July 06, 2007

Page Plus - Web Access and the Minute Lady

First off, I'm now a proud owner of a Page Plus phone...the UTStarCom 7075 I mentioned earlier...thanks to BabbleBug for the activation!

I called customer service (still wondering whether that was why my minute counter went down or was that something else?) and asked about two things and got two answers:

1. Yes, web access is coming. And yes, it'll work with your current Verizon-branded phone, as long as your current Verizon-branded phone has Mobile Web on it. feel free to buy a cheap $40 camera phone now 'cuz it'll be more feature-rich as time goes on. Didn't ask about picture messaging, but I'd bet that'll come too, and it'll also likely be compatible with current phones.

2. No, they can't turn off that annoying announcement at the beginning of each outgoing call that tells you just how many minutes you have for the upcoming call. Dangit...I'd like that turned off, but I'd rather not Page Plus pull an STi and charger 10 cents per day after doing so.

And yes, I'll review the 7075 soon!


UglyEric said...

I could have activated it for you for $3.99 at Also rumor has it that Free nights and weekends are coming to Page Plus as well.

Church said...

I have one question completely off topic so please forgive me... but:

1. Do Verizon Prepaid phones cost $0.99 a day?

2. Can they TXT, and PIX like tracs can?

Thanks! I am going to get a razr from some source and looking around. This really helps

Church said...

update: nvm I found it and it does... crap

Next question, are Go Phones good and can they txt?