Monday, March 26, 2007

Trac Note

Just to let everyone know (I should have said this elsewhere\sooner\all that) but all Tracfone promotional codes, past, present and future, are one-time-use per phone. Sorry for having confusion on that point. I'd post more info on something (dunno what though) but I've been doing play practice all day and it's suppertime here.,,and I go back to play practice in a little less than an hour and a half...

EDIT: MOST promotional codes are one-time-use. But I suppose there are some (57676 for example) that can be used multiple times, subject to a few restrictions of which I ahve no idea. Thanks for the correction people!


Anonymous said...

Ian, that's a dangerous statement to make! Code 57676 was "rereleased" this month, and it can be used again to extend time, but this time it appears to only give 30 additional days regardless of the phone's expiration date. Code 55698 is only good for 20 minutes, but appears to be valid for multiple uses... I tried to use it twice in the same day, though, and it didn't work the second time, but I have used it three times on the same phone. I remember at least one more exception to this in the last year, I believe it was a 60 minute bonus code (58094?) for 60 minute or greater airtime cards. In general, of course, the statement is usually correct, that codes are only good once per ESN/IMEI.

Dave (Tracfonewv, dwbdave)

Bill said...

I agree with Dave.

I got 57676 to work twice on my CDMA Tracfone.

With $10 60 unit codes, I got 330 days/180 minutes for $30!

I keep 4 CDMA Tracfones going as glovebox phones (for myself and relatives like my grandmother)

I'm very happy that I can now stack forward 60 unit cards so I don't have to shell out $100 for 1 year anymore.