Thursday, March 08, 2007

TracFun Update

Just to let everyone know, I added an airtime card for my mom's phone to me (a 60-minute card) and it extended her expiration date by 90 days. So the new card values are really here now, and promo codes work great. I added via the web and, if anything, promo codes have gotten a tad better. Granted, they're one-time-use only but I was able to double the airtime relative to the card's face value with promo code 51283. Then again, rumor has it that most of these promo codes are going to expire on the 15th...who knows?

But anyway, the new Tracfone revolution is revving up...and it's great for everyone!


Bill said...

Code 57676 still works, but only for an extra 30 days (no extra minutes, at least on the 60 unit card)

$12 (phone promo) for 4 months Tracfone service isn't too bad.

Anonymous said...

Both codes not valid on 30 minute card, I got the message invalid code. I got as far as the verify purchase screen for a 60 minute using 57676, so evidently no codes on the new 30 minute card. I did not complete purchase, though -- I have some of the twofer deals ordered and on the way to me, that is a better deal for 60 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I got the 51283 code in an email when I joined Tracfone insider. I used it the first time I added time and it added another 60 minutes. My sister just got the same model phone as me and needed to add airtime. So just on a whim, I tried the code when adding her time and it added 60 minutes for her too!!! I assumed this was a one time use code but obviously not. The email I got said it was to expire on March 18 but it worked last night March 21. We got a good deal on the phones too from the local Family Dollar chain store. Nokia 2126 that sells for $29.99 at wal mart was normally $19.99 at Family Dollar but was on sale for $14.99!! Sweet Deal :)

Anonymous said...

Your correct about promo codes now only being a one time use only on phones...I added a 120 min card to my aunts tracfone today and tried using promo code 51283 for the extra 60 mins, (I used this promo code 2 months ago on her phone), and it said: "error - promo code already used on this phone" I guess its a one time deal with these codes from now on...what a bummer!