Saturday, March 03, 2007

Boost...Cheaper Than Ever!

Boost Mobile has apparently reduced the prices on their phones, which is good. not that their network has gotten any better, nor have their prices. But they have added a feature or two, and their phones are, as I said, cheaper...

New features? Well, for 15 cents per "message", Boost has this wierd hybrid walkie-talkie\picture messaging feature, if you're using the i855 or i875 (and I'll bet i885) phones. In my opinion, it's a gimmick. Who knows\cares?

They also have a new combo social networking\GPS system called Boost Loopt. Just take a look at the site to see more info on the service.

Also, the premium plans have changed. The $30 plan is just unlimited walkie-talkie and 10-cent cellular calling. $50 gives you 400 minutes on top of that. $70 gives another 200 minutes, plus unlimited starts-at-7 nights and weekends. $10 more on any plan gets unlimited web and text. *shrugs*. I suppose it's okay, feature-wise...but I'm not really jazzed about it...

Now to phone prices...

i885 (highest-end iDEN non-smartphone, high-res camera) - $300
i855 (low-end cameraphone) - $150
i835 (the iDEN phone that's actually relatively thin, in black, white and green) - $100
i455 (just your average flip with color internal and b\w external display, now in wierd black) - $50
i415 (the cheap but okay color bar phone) - $30

Yeah, prices have gone down to levels that are reasonable compared with other prepaid least compared with previous pricing...just thought people might want to know...

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