Friday, March 16, 2007

New Tracfone Promo Code!

I just looked on Tracfone's website and there's a new promo code out, 55094. It adds 100 minutes to the normally 400 minute1-year card, for a grand total of a cool 500 minutes. So if you want Tracfone service for cheap both minute-wise ($8.33 a month) and minute wise (20 cents a minute, less if Tracfone ever gets the double-minute card up and running) here it is, it looks like...


Bill said...

Code 57676 still works (at least with the 60 unit card) to add 30 days (but no extra minutes)

So I got 120 days from the 60 unit card that cost me $11 after tax.

(direct from Tracfone special $20 for a refurbed phone and 2-60 unit cards)

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know when new tracfones will start coming out in 2007? Also, do you have any idea what kind/brand of tracfones will be coming out? A net10 salesman told me that their working on getting out a razr for tracfone and net10 maybe this year, have you heard anything on any of this? Thank you.

Chris said...

NEW TARFONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LG C1500

LG CG225