Sunday, March 25, 2007

Net10 News

Looks like Net10 has some good deals on their site at the moment. Besides putting online pages for the LG and Motorola phones that Tracfone will soon get (good) and taking away the 1-year card (bad) Net10 has made available some sweet specials that may well make it a nice carrier for a person who is on the upper end of minute use for prepaid...

Here are the good deals (all of them come preloaded with 300 minutes and 60 days of service):

Nokia 1100 (refurbsished) - $20
Nokia 1600 (refurbished, color phone) - $30
Motorola v171 (refurbished) - $40
Motorola c139 (new, blech) - $40
Motorola c155 (new) - $40

Everything else isn't a particularly good deal, costing $80 (Motorola v171, v170) or $90 (Motorola c261, v176) but the other phones are nice buys if you just want to talk and text...


Anonymous said...

I used Net10 earlier this year, and they worked well for me. At the time, I was using about 200 minutes per month, and they fit my needs nicely. I ported my number to T-Mobile back in November, to take advantage of a Myfaves plan, but wish I would have kept my Net10 phone (a Nokia 2600) active. I've considered getting one of their refurbs or just getting a new sim for my Nokia 2600, for those instances where Cingular has better coverage than T-Mobile. One of the nice things about Net10's 2600 is that Texts are free to receive and 5 cents to send, whereas newer Net10 phones cost 5 cents to receive.

Anonymous said...

Does Net10 ever have extra minutes/promotion codes like Tracfone ?...Thank you.

Ian said...

Nope. Net10 is just flat-rate to my knowledge.