Monday, March 05, 2007

T-Mo To Go - Now with Cheaper Phones!

I looked on T-Mobile To Go's phone selection page yesterday and found out that the prices on some of their phones have gone down. Personally, no can get a KRZR for $230 shipped through Buy It Now on eBay, and a SIM with 150 minutes on it for $10 or so more. But anyway...

$30 - Nokia 6030 (No change)
$50 - Nokia 6101 (now that's cheap for a cameraphone on prepaid, a good one too!)
$80 - Samsung t319 (I think there's no change here)
$200 - Motorola Razr (about time T-Mobile cheapened things can get this plus a SIM on eBay unlocked for around $150)
$400 - Sidekick 3 (as you'd expect)

Also, is offering $5 cash back on T-Mobile To Go purchases, a nice bit added onto the fun. I may have to get te Nokia 6101, since it's such an inexpensive cameraphone...

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