Friday, March 31, 2006

STi on Amazon, Virgin Mobile Pricing, Cingular 6010 Pricing

First off, Amazon now has STi Mobile phones. This company is becoming mainstream now, but their 10 cent daily fee is probably why, and that disgusts me. Amazon has, of course, free shipping on the phones, which cost $110 for the 5225 and $50 in airtime, or $150 for either the Samsung a820 or the LG 225 with $50.

Second, Virgin Mobile's Nokia Shorty and K10 Royale are both $30 now. If you don't need web or a color screen I'd definately go with the Nokia but the K10 has those two fairly pivotal features. At least the K10 isn't $50 any more. Also, I think I said this before but the Slider Sonic is now $180. Still a ripoff though in my opinion.

Third, the Nokia 6010 refurb is now $40 at the GoPhone website. Personally, that's too much for such a phone, considering T-Mobile has the same phone new for that price. Plus the T-Mo phone has 50% more airtime and a month more of service included.

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