Tuesday, March 14, 2006

STi Sale!

CheapPhoneCards.com today put their LG 225 and 5225 STi phones on deep-discount sale! The paymecell coupon code still works on the LG 5225 bunbles, except now they're $20 cheaper, making the phone and $50 of airtime a cool $68.95. In other words, for $18.95 you get a very capable, if somewhat battery-sucking, color flip phone. The LG 225 is marked down to $99 with a $50 card but paymecell doesn't work so your price will stay around there when you add the paltry 5% or so in coupon codes you find on the website to the price. Still, aside from the airtime the phone is a cool $50 or so, not bad considering you could get it for maybe $10 less a few months ago...with a rebate that should arrive in the next few weeks. :) Rebates and STi junk fee aside, now is a great time to get a cheap phone on STi.

Oops! Double typo (in bold)

Oh, and CheapPhoneCards just put online a few open-box 5225s with $50 airtime cards. I'm on the brink of getting one; with paymecell they're $52.95! $2.95 with no rebates is superb for even a refurb color flip phone with external caller ID display, and this isn't even refurb!

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