Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sweeps Alert, Boost Walkie

Just as a sort of warning to everybody, FreePay, the company that has the Free iPod\Free iPod Shuffle promo, will kill my account on the 30th of May if I don't have ALL the referrals done by then. Not good. As a result, I need eight signups before then. Please complete your offers so that this whole sweeps won't turn into a flop. By the way, I will be using a different place other than FreePay for subsequent sweeps.

Also, Boost Mobile yesterday took 33.333333% off their walkie talkie rate, making it a much more bearable $1, the same as Cingular's unlimited Mobile to Mobile GoPhone. Looks like STi won't be as hard competition, plus all Nextel\Boost customers have a walkie number while most STi customers don't...

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