Friday, March 03, 2006

New Tracfone Deals

Gone are the free Motorola v170 with 250 minute card\Nokia 1100 with 60 minute card deals. Now the only deals in GSM areas are either of these phones are their being free if you get a 1-year card, which is now $100 but has a promo code for 100 extra minutes. I think that the v170 is refurbished while the 1100 is new. So you get 470 minutes (120 + 250 + 100) for $110 or so...not too great but not insane either considering you're getting a 1-year card in the mix. Personally I wouldn't buy; seems too much like a contract with a free junk phone to me, albeit a 1-year contract with a fee of $8.50 a month for 35 minutes a month, all paid in advance with no refunds...

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