Wednesday, March 08, 2006

AirVoice GSM and CheapPhoneCards

First off, I have re-found a carrier that I had heard of nearly a year ago: AirVoice. Now they have a GSM plan (before they didn't) that's pretty competitive in reality. All airtime expires in 90 days, which is much better than Beyond Wireless if you buy their $10 card (despite my loyalties to that once-great carrier). Also their rates are pretty good, with the $10 card giving 70 minutes and their $100 card giving 1000, with $20, $30 and $50 cards in between. I'm 99% sure that they use the Cingualr network. The only problem here is finding a SIM card for their service; eBay seems to be the only place, though it is rumored that you can activate a Cingular SIM with them. I will try the latter action tomorrow. Their site isL

Second, CheapPhoneCards (see link at right) has resurrected the huge promotional values of their paymecell promotional code for the moment, giving a huge 20% off the STi phones they carry. This means that for $45.74 you can get both an STi Samsung a460 (not a great phone but a phone nonetheless) and a $50 airtime card...that's less than the price of the airtime card alone...with the "cheap" promotional code! Even with the daily fee I'll probably pick one of these up, put a $10 card on it, and give it to a friend, probably keeping the $50 card for myself, and reviewing the phone. The discount also applies on the LG VI-5225 packages, making the phone and $50 of airtime $93.74. Adding a car charger and leather case kicks the price up to $97.74. That makes the phone $43.74 (like $39.99 plus tax basically), which isn't bad at all for a color flip with an external caller ID screen. Now if only STi would kill the ten cent daily fee again we'd all be happy. I was also informed though that this code will, after a few weeks, go back down to 5% like its cousin payme25, so I'd say grab this promo while it lasts...

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