Monday, April 17, 2006

Virgin Mobile Phone: They're Cheaper...

Because of the impending release of the Kyocera Switchback phone on Virgin Mobile for $150 (camera phone, clamshell\bar hybrid, IM centric, seen this sorta thing before on such likes as T-Mobile) Virgin Mobile has marked down their phones on their site a good bit. Here are the prices:

Kyocera K7 - $20
Kyocera K10 (Royale) - $30
Nokia Shorty (2115i) - $50, includes $40 in airtime so the phone is more like $10
Audiovox Snapper (8915) - $100
Kyocera Slider Sonic - $180

By the way, click on the iPod shuffle link! The sweeps, with my LG 225 cameraphone as the prize and two Nokia 5165s as second place is still going...

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