Friday, April 07, 2006

Go4Prepaid Digest #1

So I have this nifty thing on my site called Google Analytics (that's why the counter changed from a big obnoxious one to a little nice one), which tells me what people searched for to get my site. So now I'm going to periodically address the questions they put in...

First off, I know a lot of people want Tracfone promo codes. I'll get to those later...

Second, the Motorola c139 should be available soon on both Tracfone and Net10, but I can't say when since Tracfone has removed their tipoff that they update their site on Fridays and has decided to update their site any old dat. I think the reason that the c139 isn't out yet is that it hasn't been FCC approved or something wierd like that...

Third, to get a Tracfone or Net10 Nokia 1100 to go onto any other network you have to:1) Unlock it (I can do that)2) Reflash (reprogram) the phone software so that the Tracfone software isn't there anymore (I can't do that...yet)

So it's a two-step process and it's not too easy, so I would just pay $10 more and get either a Nokia 6010 or a Nokia 6030 (the former for durability, the latter for features) off of Cingular's GoPhone site and easily unlock it (I can do that for you). Yes, the 1100 is nice, basic and small, but the unlocking\reflashing hassle isn't quite worth it in my eyes...yet...
Third, you can activate PagePlus (the Verizon provider with the lowest per-minute rate and lowest monthly fee and longest expiration) with a "kit" sold on eBay. They're really chap now, running at a maximum of $10.

Fourth, Simple Freedom was a pretty good deal when they could seamlessly use both Alltel and Verizon networks. Granted, you had to pay 25 cents a minute but the home coverage area was huge and roaming was 50 cents a minute everywhere else. But now that Verizon doesn't like Alltel anymore Simple Freedom owners on Verizon's network (if you have a Verizon number you count, if you have an Alltel number you don't) Simple Freedom coverage is going down to just the Alltel network, being replaced with an interesting Verizon plan:

20 cents a minute daytime1
0 cents a minute nights and weekends
99 cents a minute off the Verizon network
$30 minimum every 2 months

Sound a little like Boost mobile? Nah, too expensive per month. For what people were using their Simple Freedom phones for it's probably not worth it. But this means you can probably defect to PagePlus, which has lower rates.

Regarding various phone and service hacks, I'm in the dark on airtime code generators, cell phone hacks (except in a very few cases) and ways to double Boost airtime.
Sixth and last for this "issue", Sprint seems to have totally blocked Free411 on their (and MVNOs') cell phones. Which is bad. But 1-800-411-METRO (1-800-411-6387) does the same thing so no reason to cry.

I'll be coming out with these digests of questions and answers fairly often, so if you type in something into Google (or MSN or or Yahoo) and get here I'll probably answer your question that you had in an easy to see form within the week. Hope you people like it!

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