Sunday, April 09, 2006

Latin Carrier Overview, Sprint Nights

Movil Listo means ReadyMobile in Spanish basically. Interesting...ReadyMobile makes Movil Listo. Anyway, these guys now have both cards and a phone on CheapPhoneCards, albeit they're not in stock yet.

Movida is now in direct competition with Virgin Mo9bile, except that the one has English as the default language and the other has Spanish, though things can be switched fairly easily. Movida has their 20 cents plan, their 50 cent a day + 10 cents weekdays\5 cents weekends plan and now a hybrid plan that's 25 cents a minute for $20 (15 day expiration) and $30 (30 days) and 20 cents a minute for $50 (30 days). Plus you get unlimited nights and weekends on the hybrid plan, starting at 9 p.m. Theis carrier runs on the Sprint network and basically takes Sprint surplus phones (Sanyo 200 for example) like STi does. They show a big map with lots of area (aka non-Sprint-network) marked "manual roaming". I have a sinking feeling that this means American Roaming Network $3 to connect plus $2 a minute. Bleh, but such is life for Sprint prepaids.

Speaking of Sprint, their Fair&Flexible plans now have nights starting at 7 p.m. Not that anyone on prepaid cares, but an interesting bit of trivia for people on the border between postpaid and prepaid. Heck, considering that STi's cost for the same thing would be $60 ($50 for Plan 3 plus $10 for extra minutes) you might well want a contract...

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