Wednesday, April 26, 2006

CheapPhoneCards Miscellany

Last weekend I negotiated with CheapPhoneCards, and they're sending me two Samsung a820s to try (I'll be paying special attention to STi's walkie talkie feature)! Look for a review here next weekend (it'll take a week to fun the phones through their paces). Anyway, this phone is "free" with $100 in airtime (AKA $99 and it includes $100 in airtime), so if you want to go STi this shouldn't be a bad choice anyway if you plan to stay with them for awhile. I'm also pretty sure that a coupon on CheapPhoneCards will subtract out the shipping cost of the phone. Again, look for a full, full-color review of this little guy late next week.

Next off, I'm also getting the Movil Listo Siemens a56. I've heard mixed ratings about this service, which seems to use a callback system for cellular calls, the only thing it does. It does have a toll-free (1-888-xxx-xxxx) number but what shows up on caller ID is reputed to be 500-xxx-xxxx, with xxx-xxxx in this case being seven totally random digits. Anyway, since I'm getting this phone and it will probably be my main line (because of the toll-free number, pretty low rates and zero expiration and zero fees) I'll be able to give everyone a nice review of this servie as well pretty soon after I get the phone.

By the way, don't forget the sweepstakes!

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