Monday, April 03, 2006

CheapPhoneCards and STi, MovilListo addition

CheapPhoneCards finally has the Samsung a820 ReadyLink STi phone. And you can breathe a sigh of releif if ReadyLink is worth 59 cents a day to you (I'm counting the absolutely outrageous 10 cent daily fee that eats up money unbelieveably): the phone, like the LG 225, includes $50 in airtime and is just $99 total. Paymecell, however, doesn't work on it. Cheap does, but simply takes the price down to $100 (shipping is $5.95), which isn't a very big drop. I'll get with CheapPhoneCards to see what other promos they'll have on this phone.

Second, MovilListo aka Movil Mobile is now supposedly running (and has been) on an expanded T-Mobile network, which gets Cingular coverage in some areas and maybe Suncom in others. Mexico also has coverage, and for cheap too, seeming only to have a one-minute surcharge (3 minute call gets billed for 4 minutes?) which is absolutely sweet.

Third, Cingular's GoPhone website now has the Nokia 6010 back at $30. So it's once again a pretty good deal. Granted, it's refurb, but I probably for one wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the refurb phone and the new version...

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