Saturday, April 05, 2008

Virgin Mobile Deal Update

A few more deals for everyone...

  1. Target has the Aloha for $10 now.
  2. Target has the Wild Card for $79 now (not too bad...though just 99 cents off the previous price).
  3. RadioShack has the Super Slice for $39 now.
  4. Circuit City has the Super Slice for $37 now.
  5. Circuit City has the Cyclops for $37 now.
That's it for now. Got a lot of non-phone-related stuff to do today :). As always support this site's sponsors!


Chris said...

Actually, those aren't the sale prices. Circuit City is back up to normal price on the Cyclops and the Super Slice ($50) and the Wild Card is $98.99. Both websites confirm the prices.

Bill said...

And can you post more on non-Sprint prepaids?

Sprint coverage here is much worse than Verizon, AT&T, or even T-Mobile prepaid.

(assuming that Sprint-based prepaids like Virgin still don't offer roaming)

Ian said...

Small problem: non-Sprint providers aren't very newsy. Also, the only Sprint provider I talk about regularly is Virgin Mobile, everyone else is not Sprint...

Anonymous said...

Who won the virgin mobile Flare phone giveaway?