Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shout-Outs and A Suggestion Box, Plus a Net10 Deal

Sorry for not posting recently. It's been busy. To update on the purchase of the Virgin Mobile Slash, I've got nothing. The order is "submitted" but that's it.

A few things to tide people over between now and when I release either something more newsworthy or a review of one of the three phones sitting on my desk right now (Aloha, Shorty, Super Slice)...

1. Net10 is having another nice sale on one of their phones. This time they're giving away a Motorola v176, complete with 300 minutes of "starter time" when you buy their $60 600-minute 120-day airtime card. Seems like a good enough deal. It can be found here (thanks to The Sweeper for the tip!):


2. Want something covered here that has to do with prepaid service (like maybe a review of some T-Mobile To Go phone or AT&T GoPhone...or information on some weird prepaid service?) Comment on this post and I'll see what I can do. I'm slightly "better connected" than the average Joe on these things, thanks to my working with a few of the companies that sell the various providers' airtime and phones, so I may be able to get an inside scoop on something. Plus, thanks to your visiting sponsors' sites, I can buy phones to review and such!

3. Most of my traffic here comes from Google, with the second-biggest traffic source being direct hits from a bunch of loyal viewers (thanks!). The remaining 7.31% (over the last month, as of this writing...I have Google Analytics embedded in every page, and no, I'm not maliciously tracking your every move, don't worry) are non-search, non-direct hits. Here's a shout-out to a few of the people who give me a visitor or two per day...and yes, Google search makes up well over 90% of the search-driven hits to this site, in case anyone wants to know:
  • HowardForums - The largest cell phone forum on the 'net as far as I know...I'm a proud member, my username is iansltx
  • PrepaidPhone - Powered by PrepaidWireless.com and a little bit of Yours Truly, you've got various info on prepaid phones and breaking news, with little news overlap between it (mainsteam) and myself (less mainsteam...as in, no news snippets or press releases)
  • Cell Guru - The home of the prepaid and hybrid comparison charts for cell phone service, as well as various bits of information about phones, providers and cellular news in general. If you like this site, you'll like the Cell Guru's.
  • PrepaidReviews - Probably the biggest prepaid-focused site on the 'net, with seventy thousand unique visitors per month (wish I had that!), with a nice amount of reviews by various people on prepaid cell phone service from just over two dozen providers. They also have a comparison tool, a (mainstream-ish) blog and a few articles on prepaid service in general.
  • PrepaidWireless - I've done some work for these folks, who, like this site's main sponsor BabbleBug.com, sell prepaid phones and airtime.
Moral of the above story: there are some very informative sites on prepaid phones and service out there in addition to mine (heh) and if they link to me I'll probably mention them at some point or other :). Seriously, check out their sites...they're quite useful and complement this site well.


Colin Leath said...

Please review prepaid _data_ plans. GoPhone has some media packages--I wonder if there are other options?

And perhaps you can fill me in on coverage:
I found I can check my gmail on the Nokia 2610 GoPhone.

But I'm wondering: if I'm in an area where there's not a good signal, will only text messaging work?


Anonymous said...

Look at the Airlink Powerlink Unlimited plan. $59 a month unlimited anywhere on Sprint although I don't know if it includes roaming they use an old map that shows roaming areas.

Also it looks like Locus is consolidating their brands into just O2 Wireless for GSM and H2O Wirless for CDMA. Hasn't happened yet but heres the web page


BTW the 20% loyalty bonus the website talks about doesn't apply to the $40/1,000 minute/30 day Plus Plan on O2 Wireless. That and the Locus Platinum plan 2,000 minutes for $100 are the lowest per minute plans I've seen aside from any prepaid unlimited like Powerlink and PagePlus.